Fully built or flat pack steel frames built with quality steel

Do you design and sell houses or granny flats? You will need steel wall framing and Astro Steel Building Products can help.

Quality is assured with Astro Steel frames. We use exclusively the "ENDUROFRAME" high-speed roll-former, together with Bluescope TRUECORE® steel. Because our roll-former operates at such high speeds and accuracy we are able to manufacture house frames to meet your time frames with no fuss.

Detailing of the frames is done in house, using the tried and proven ENDUROCADD® roll-former software system. Just send us the plan of the house or Granny flat you want to build and we will do a materials take off and present you with a quote. In areas which are non-cyclonic, our ENDUROCADD® software can self-certify the frame we supply.

Full builds or flat packs; whatever your needs

We design and manufacture 0.75mm, 1mm and 1.2mm framing systems, stud, plate and nogging. We can either fully build your steel frames or send them as flat packs for you to assemble on site. We have a vast experience of manufacturing and delivering sizable consignments all over Australia on our extensive fleet of trucks.

Frames and Trusses

Steel it before the termites do! Steel framing is the new evolution of housing. Don't take the risk of infecting your house with termites by using timber. Steel Framing will soon be the product of the future, with builders already converting to steel.

Just tell us the size you require and we will make it, assemble it and deliver it to site - easy! The same goes for anyone who needs a stud framed wall for any application, big or small. If you don't want it assembled, that's OK too - Astro Steel can help! Contact our team now to discuss your needs.

Your new shed or carport, direct from our factory

Custom designs for your exact needs, created by our in-house design team